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Recovery of accountancy

Any investor needs to have relevant and reliable data about  his company. So accountancy should be in good order and persistent,  all documents should be systematized, be done in proper way and be registered in corresponding register.

If accountancy was not performed for some time or was performed with considerable mistakes, there is a necessary to put to rights documentation. Our specialists will do all the necessary work to recover your accountancy in the shortest acceptable term.

You can order complete recovery or recovery of part of your system.

Process of recovery has next stages:

  • signing agreement for recovery and NDA;
  • analysis of  current situation, gathering all needed information and information handling;
  • finding out lost data;
  • recovery and handling of retrieved docs;
  • performing accountant entries;
  • performing of new statements (if needed).


Recovery services price >>>

We aggregated professional experience of our team thus you  receive quality result.


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