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Setting up of accounting

As Ukraine is known as country with numerous legislation acts which often don’t match one another. And the consequence that the system is so unsteady  could be mistakable setting up of accountancy and this could be  a reason of  false presentation of finance position  of a company. Right setting up of accounting is a good basement of management decisions and progress of business activity.

These days setting up of accountancy needs skilled craft with strong experience. Our company offer you complete  service  package with guarantee of competency and optimality.

Servicecom Audit provides competent setting up of accountancy for companies of any patterns of ownership and industry. Performing this mode of services our specialists will:

- develop accountant policy (if needed);

- set documents going;

- implement accountant program;

- draw up jobs descriptions;

- other services you need.


Price of setting up of accounting >>>

We aggregated professional experience of our team thus you  receive quality result.


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