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Starting or developing a business needs attention in all directions. A lot of questions that make your business life overload appear and you can miss an important issue. That’s why using  professional consultants give you answers on your questions,  give an opportunity to receive relevant different scenarios in time and you have time for right actions. Planning, budget creation and identification of improvements,  potential cost accounting, costing, contribution margin analysis, reporting, controlling – all these task we can organize for your company.
We help companies   to  choose  the best scenario among all possible scenarios , including compliance, reporting and risk management for direct and indirect taxes.

We offer you  quality services in consulting:

- consulting in accounting

- tax advisory including developing and analysis of scenarios

- IAS & IFRS advising

- Scenario of sale or acquisition of company or a part af a company


You can choose any form of consultancy :
  • written via e-mail (any written answer  form include possibility of next oral  explanations)
  • written with receiving of hard copy
  • oral


You can ask us a Question or complete the Form to receive a quotation  for auditing, accounting outsourcing or consulting services.


We aggregated professional experience of our team thus you  receive quality result.


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tax advisory including developing and analysis of scenarios