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Tax consulting

Tax planning is  an integral part of the company’s strategy as soon as company is formed and become a daily activity.  All entities are equal under the law, but the common and well-known rule that  similar companies in the similar situations (trade, leasing, etc.)  pay different taxes and receives different results.

This situation is caused by using different scenario of business behavior.

Ukraine is one of the country with complicated tax law.

We offer you tax advising, performing of tax returns, developing and analysis of different scenarios, other.

We have experience in the next fields of business:

  • IT
  • FMCG
  • trading
  • constraction and real estate
  • heavy industry
  • managment
  • energetics
  • publishing
  • food industry
  • light industry
  • mass media and entertainment
  • retail
  • transport and logistics


You can order  tax consultation or developing of tax strategy or scenario  for your  whole business or any operation.

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We aggregated professional experience of our team thus you  receive quality result.


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